Privacy Policy fully respects your right to privacy when using our service and we are fully committed to fully safeguarding this important principle.

This privacy policy aims to clearly inform you as to which elements of your personal information we may access, for what purpose and how any personal data you provide is protected to the highest standards.

By using the website, you are agreeing with the terms and procedures outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Data Protection Act compliance: fully complies with all relevant sections of the Data Protection Act.
Any information which is provided by you will be treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality and in accordance with the terms of the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 and any implementing and / or amending legislation as may be adopted in Ireland from time to time.

General data collection and usage:

In general, collects only the minimum level of customer information needed to:

  • support the customer’s use of functionality offered on the website.
  • provide a high-quality customer support, back-office and on-site service.
  • ensure the website and underlying systems run correctly and smoothly.
  • support various promotional activities where the customer has agreed to receive them.

The majority of this data is only available to and for the use of appropriate staff, subject to two necessary exclusions:

  • Promoters / Venues partnered with
    As sells tickets on behalf of independent promoters and venues organising events, we must on occasion also share certain limited elements of your personal details with the event organiser. This is done to ensure customers who have chosen to collect their tickets at the venue box office can be validated or in several other possible circumstances.
  • Privileged Third Party Service Providers:
    You acknowledge and agree that in certain circumstances we may be obliged to disclose certain elements of personal information relating to you to third parties, for example, in order to process your order or get authorisation from your bank.

    We will not disclose your personal information to third parties unless you have consented to this disclosure or unless the third party requires the details to fulfil your order. We will disclose your personal information if we believe in good faith that we are required to disclose it in order to comply with any applicable law or other valid legal process.

Specific data collection and usage: collects three specific types of information about customers visiting the website:

  • Personal information, such as your name and address etc.

    - What data is collected?

    When you complete the various screens needed to place an order on, enter a competition, sign-up for our regular newsletter, contact us with a support query etc, you type in and submit various personal details.

    - What is it used for?

    The details you enter are used to carry out the requested operation, such as ordering tickets etc as outlined above. uses this personal information to support the ticket ordering process and may contact you regarding offers from time to time, if you have agreed to receive them. We may also use your personal contact details to get in touch with you (by email, telephone or by post) if necessary, in relation to orders you may have placed with


  • Financial Information, such as your credit / debit card number, expiry date etc.

    - What data is collected?

    The basic credit / debit card details you entered when ordering tickets are securely stored on our systems.

    - What is it used for?

    This financial information is used to obtain authorisation to take payment for tickets and other products or services which you may wish to purchase on
    This information is used by third party credit card processing companies, banks and anti-fraud services during the purchase process, as occurs on many other transactional websites.
    It is also stored in case of a customer query, dispute over the billed amount on a credit card bill or to be used where a refund becomes due to the customer if an event is cancelled. If you choose to save your debit / credit card details within your profile in order to use it for future orders, we will similarly store these details on our system.
    Your financial information will never be shared with third parties (excluding in the manner outlined above) without your express prior consent.


  • Technical information, such as your IP address, cookies, operating system or browser type etc.

    - What data is collected?

    Low-level technical information is gathered on all visitors to the web site. All of this information is technical in nature and does not contain human-readable information such as your name, address or any other similar details.
    Such technical information specifically includes:
    IP address: This is a technical number allocated to all computers on the Internet.
    Cookie: A small piece of text which can be stored on your computer to help websites recognise previous visitors, their preferences and assist in managing online ordering.
    Operating system / browser type: These are technical details which identify the operating system (e.g. Windows Vista, Mac OS X Leopard) or Internet browser (e.g. Firefox 3.0, Internet Explorer 7) you are using to access the website.

    - What is it used for?

    In general, this technical information is used to monitor traffic on the website, allow us to support our systems, ensure better levels of service and to support our customers to the best technical standards possible.
    IP address: In common with many other sites, systems uses your IP address to manage your visit to our website. It is also used in our processes to prevent fraud and to gain insight into the audience location. We also use large-scale IP address information from large numbers of users to ensure our technical systems operation correctly and to investigate any failures which may occur.
    Cookie: uses cookies to keep track of your progress through the ticket purchase progress. We also use cookies to determine whether you have entered your password to log into the site and to record certain preferences which will assist us in presenting content of interest to you.
    Operating system / browser type: We also use large-scale analysis of operating system and browser type data to ensure the website is kept up to date with what our customers are using and works correctly.

Data Security and Protection uses secure server software (SSL) which is among the best software available today for secure commercial transactions. It encrypts all your personal information for security, so that nobody else can gain access to it.
All systems are protected by a secure firewall infrastructure and are protected by well managed strong security policies. Access to customer data by staff is controlled to ensure only appropriate staff can view data appropriate to their job function. All actions involving customer data are monitored by supervisory staff and are logged in an audit-trail. Newsletter:

You can opt out of receiving the regular weekly email newsletter at any time.
If you wish to opt out of receiving future email newsletters, please open the newsletter and click the link reading ‘If you do wish to opt out of our newsletter please click here’ located near the bottom of the page.

Privacy on third-party websites:

You should be aware that when you follow a link to another website from the website, we have no control over that other website. We have no responsibility for the privacy practices of other websites.
You should carefully review the privacy policy published on other websites before deciding whether you wish to visit the website.

Data Request:

As customer, you have the right to request a copy of any personal data we may hold relating to you. If any inaccuracies exist in this data, you have the right to have corrections made to set the record straight.
If you wish to request this information, please contact us by completing this form or write to, P.O. Box 10763, Dublin 1, Ireland. If you have already ordered from, please include your booking confirmation number if possible. will acknowledge your request by email within three working days.
Please note that such requests will subject to a charge of €6.35 as permitted by the Statute for Data Protection.

Changes to the Privacy Policy reserves the right in our sole discretion to amend this Privacy Policy at any time. You should regularly check this policy for any amendments.

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