GASH Collective Boat Party + After Party

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Event Description

On the River: 
Gash Collective throw their first ever boat party with an all-star cast of local DJs. Galway mainstay and Gash Collective party-thrower Lolz will be joined by Dip Resident Cait whose jacking sets at Open Ear, Electric Picnic and Body&Soul will give you a pretty good indication of her ability to rock a dancefloor. Also on the bill are Dreamcycles ( mentioned earlier above) who’ll be setting the vibe right on the river and Limerick/Berlin/Melbourne DJ Ciara Harrington whose collection of forgotten cosmic italo and house records is sure to go down well in the cosy confines of the corrib princess. 

On the Mainfloor:
Shivers are pleased to host Amsterdam and Dekmantel DJ Sensation cum Tobacco Connoisseur Young Marco for a DJ set. Marco has slowly but surely taken the world by storm with his “quirky dance music style” which shines through in pretty much everything the guy puts his hand to: his high grade productions for the ESP Institute and Dekmantel, his Safe Trip label (an esteemed platform for a plethora of cool retro dream house reissues and hot off press the productions from some young people in Holland) as well his all encompassing DJ sets which he plays in night clubs and other places. We’ve been trying to make this one happen for a minute now so needless to say we’re looking forward to it. 

As if an entire DJ set rooted in otherworldly fantastical sounds weren’t enough for one night, it brings us great joy to host Dusseldorf’s Wolf Muller (who will also DJ upstairs afterwards!) and Niklas Wandt for their Irish debut before Marco. The duo’s set up is pretty sweet: Niklas Wandt plays the drums and some other crazy percussion bits while Wolf Muller gets loose with an MPC, some synths and some more crazy percussion bits. Their debut album of tropical rainforest jazz stylings "Instrumentalmusik Von Der Mitte Der World" came out on the always excellent Hamburg Imprint Growing Bin earlier this year to scandalous critical acclaim, with big dance music fellas like Resident Advisor describing it as "a lovely vessel on which to reach enchanting imagined lands”. Sail away. 

In the Garden: 
As we mentioned above, the imitable Wolf Muller will be selecting digital files and vinyl disks directly after his live set on the Mainfloor. With releases on all of our labels like Dekmantel (as Bufiman), International Feel and Themes for Great Cities, Mullers taste is hard to pin down, but you can definitely expect organic percussion with a fun and tribal feel- check out his Tropical Drums of Deutschland compilation on Music For Dreams for a better idea. He’ll be supported by Dublin’s fresh-off-the-boat Dream Cycles. Her palette of warm, emotive textures and sounds is sure to paint a lovely picture in the Garden beforehand. 


In Factory: 
As if the boat weren’t enough, Gash are going to be causing one heck of a ruckus in Factory too. GASH founder and Corkonian ELLLL is on the warm up controls for rising star Deena Abdelwahed. Tunisian, but based in Toulouse, Abdelwahed has been making tidal waves over the past year with her own brand of club music, a scorching mix of Techno, Bass music and traditional Tunisian mix, inspired by some of the social issues faced by women in Arabic communities. 


Start Date/Time:
Fri, 20 Jul, 2018 18:30

End Date/Time:
Sat, 21 Jul, 2018 02:30


Corrib Princess


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