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Lough Dan Races (Online Registration Is Now Closed)

Lough Dan Races Scout Centre, Lough Dan, Roundwood, County Wicklow Saturday 26th August 2017

•    Race Distance: 2,200 metres
•    Closing Date: Wednesday 23 August 2017


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Lough Dan Races


The Lough Dan races are held in the mountain lake at Lough Dan, Roundwood, County Wicklow. Swimmers get the opportunity to push out the distance in scenic county Wicklow.  For some swimmers competing in the Lough Dan Races are stepping stones from the standard mile swim to testing whether a swimmer has the ability to swim a marathon swim like the English Channel. A swimmer who can complete the 10k in Lough Dan is ready to start training for the English Channel. For other swimmers they come for the opportunity to swim in a clear fresh water lake in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains. 

Swimmers swim down a line of buoys 1.25km, they then swim back up making a 2.5m loop. 2 Loops is 5k and 4 loops is 10k.

The Lough Dan comprises a 2.5 kilometre circuit.  2 laps is 5 kilometre and 4 laps is 10 Kilometre.  Leinster Open Sea will limit the number of swimmers to a maximum of 75. 


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Start Date/Time:
Sat, 26 Aug, 2017 10:00

End Date/Time:
Sat, 26 Aug, 2017 16:30


Scout Centre, Lough Dan, Roundwood, County Wicklow


Event ID: 20011